If you are having trouble installing, running or using our LDAP/AD tools, there are several options available:

1. Use the latest release, always stay up to date by using the bundled Software Updater.

2. Read the User Guide/Tutorials, user guide is chock-full of information on the LDAP Admin functionality and how to use it.

2. Create support request, LDAPSoft provides all registered users with free email support. Our Support Team guarantees to consider each question from the software users carefully and to supply a response within the nearest 48 hours. As a rule, we try to respond to all the incoming messages, but our registered users are the first to receive a quick response.

Please note that we may ask you to upgrade to the latest before providing support on licenses with expired maintenance. To view if licenses are current on maintenace please visit the upgrade center

Please use the following form to create support requests.

LDAPSoft technical phone support is available to customers covered by hourly and annual support contracts.

License registration and activation support, click here for tutorial on Registration and Activation


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