Enter Registration key to find the version released during the maintainance period or to view which upgrade options are available. Please make sure to enter the registration key and not the serial key from the licensing email you received from us. Please see example below:

Enter Registration key


3 years Upgrade Protection (3YUP) Customers

Please make sure that you download the correct edition for the license you have purchased. If you have purchased Ldap Admin Tool Standard Edition License, the downloads are located below the Ldap Admin Tool Professional edition downloads.

Thank you for purchasing our tools with 3YUP.

Before Upgrading to 5.0 please make sure that your maintaince period is current (Application Top Menu | License | Registration & Activation and look at the Maintenace Plans end on at the bottom), If it is current please download the latest from the download page. If the license period is not current you can still download and try the latest version for 14 days.

To upgrade to 4.6 from 4.0,4.2 or 4.4 versions please upgrade from Help|Check for Updates .. menu or download the lastest from the download page. To upgrade to 4.6 from 3download page. download page. .2 or previous versions please download the latest from the download page.

Only If you have created scheduled task using windows scheduler and upgrading to v4.6 or v5.0 on windows OS: When you upgrade to v4.6 from any previous version (Windows OS only) your current scheduled task will stop working as version 4.6 has new command syntax (Windows OS only). Please follow the steps mentioned at this page (upgradeschedulertasks.html)

Your existing license key will work with the new version and no special treatment is required