Education, Government and non-profit Organizations

Discounts are only available for direct purchases from LDAPSoft!!

LDAPSoft offers 25% (15%-20%, if purchasing through a reseller) plus volume discounts on products to local, state, and federal government employees and agencies. Most faculty members and staff at schools, colleges, and universities are eligible for 25% (15%-20%, if purchasing through a reseller) plus volume discount. Non profit organizations are also eligible for 25% (15%-20%, if purchasing through a reseller) plus volume discount. (Discount is valid for new orders only, cannot be combined with any other discount other then volume discount, offer or promotion, discount not valid for 3YUP or 1YUP).

To purchase our software licenses at a special discounted price, please send a request to our sales department with the following information:

  • 1) Organization Name
  • 2) Payment method (Online using credit card, Purchase Order or Check) (Please see below for additional requirement for specific payment method)

Purchase Order

If paying through purchase order, please send us your order on your company letterhead by email or fax 1-866-759-6360 (toll free) and include the following information for us to process you order as soon as possible

  • 1) Purchase Order Number
  • 2) Product Name and the quantity you wish to buy
  • 3) License holder's name
  • 4) License holder company
  • 5) License holder's email
  • 6) License delivery email
  • 7) Your company's billing address
  • 8) Buyers' name, telephone number and email address
  • 9) Authorized signature

To issue a Purchase order, your purchase department may need a formal product quote. To obtain a quote, please contact our sales department.

Credit Card (Online)

If paying through credit card (online), please send us an email from your company domain. (For this payment type, we will send you a promotion code which you can use online to receive special discount).


To place an order with a check, please contact LDAPSoft Sales Department with the following information to obtain a pro forma invoice:

  • 1) Your company's billing address¬†
  • 2) Product name and the quantity you wish to order
  • 3) E-mail address, to which you would like us to send the pro forma invoice

The check must be payable to LDAPSoft, and should include the number of your invoice. Please mail your check to:
LDAPSoft Corporation
6321 W. Dempster St. #218
Morton Grove, IL 60053
United States

Volume Discounts

Please see the purchase page for volume discount