Select Operational Attributes to Display

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Now you can customize the attribute view and select which operational attributes to display and export. To customize click 'Select Operational Attributes to Display" from right click context menu of attribute table and move the attributes, which you want to display, to the selected Attributes list. Clicking 'OK' will save the selection to connection profile. Please note that you can specify different attributes for different connection/directories.



When the dialog first opens it will display the available filtered operational attributes in the left list and the attributes already selected in the right list.

Selecting 'All Available Attributes' radio button will display all available attributes from schema. This option will let you use your own judgement on which attribute to display with every entry.

If you already have a list of attributes to display just add them to the text box at the bottom seperated by comma and click on the Add to Selected List. Some directories let you view all operational attributes if you query with + (plus sign). To add +, type + in the text box and click Add to Selected List.

Please note that the operational attributes are only displayed if attribute value exists.