Installation Instructions (Windows Vista, XP, 2000 & NT)

Instructions demonstrate installation of LDAP Admin Tool, same instruction can be applied to install other tools you download from this page (Just replace the Tool Name with the application you downloaded)

Download the Ldap Admin Tool setup file to a folder on your computer.

Open the folder and double click the LdapAdminTool-2.6.x.x.msi file to begin the installation or directly click the Run button on the File Download window


Install Ldap Admin Tool Step-1


Click Run on the Security Warning Dialog (If displayed)

LDAP Admin Tool Installation on Windows - Step 2


Click Next:

Ldap Admin Tool Installation windows - Step 3


Select the radio button "I Accept the terms of the License Agreement" and click Next:

Ldap Admin Tool Installation on Windows - Step 4


Enter the Installation Location or Click Next for default Location:

Ldap Admin Tool Installation Instruction Windows - Step 5


Click Install:

LDAP Admin Tool Windows Install - Step 7


Installation of LDAP Admin Tool is now complete, click Finish to Launch Ldap Admin Tool.

Ldap Admin Tool windows Installation - Step 7