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Getting a new machine and need to move the software from old machine to new. I see can unregister the current copy, but how do I get it registered on the new machine

Here's part of the ldif export showing what we get when running ldif export. See the DN & distinguishedName attributes in the snippit below:
dn: CN=xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxx,OU=Co******l Markets,OU=xxxxxx Users,DC=corp,DC=
company: learing
sn: xxxxxxxxxx
distinguishedName: CN=xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxx,OU=Co******l Markets,OU=xxxxxx Us
physicalDeliveryOfficeName: BBB
I have downloaded the LDAP Admin Tool from linux LdapAdminTool-6.8.x-Linux-x86-Install.sh file.

When running the file with execute permission I am getting below error. Could you please assist.

I have java 1.6. Do I need to change the java version?

"The architecture or bitness (32/64) of the bundled JVM might not match your machine."
TO mimic AD for certain applications, we provided an alias of sAMaccountname to uid.
It appears that LDAPSOFT now will treat servers in that tree as AD server and creating groups doesn’t work.
Can we specify the way the connection is treated instead of auto detected?
We started upgrading our eDirectory FTF2 server to 8.8.6
Now when i browse the tree, all objects are displayed twice.

Any idea?
Thanks for the clarification, it was driving me nuts.
When connected to test (ldapsoft.com) I can view the server stats but unable to view them when I connect to a local openldap server.
Is there some setting required to view the server stats?
I have downloaded the trial of Ldap Admin Tool but when I try and export, I am only getting three columns of A/D data even though I have selected 10 returning attributes.
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