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Hello Support,

thanks for your reply. I 've query'd the AD with the postet query, and got (1) result.
But: the query should show me the users, which are member of ou EDP AND belongs to securtiy-group internet-standard.

dn admincount logoncount subschemasubentry modifytimestamp samaccounttype samaccountname memberof objectcategory whencreated lastlogon primarygroupid pwdlastset badpasswordtime objectsid
CN=Internet Test,OU=EDP,OU=Bremen,DC=whatever,DC=de 1 1 CN=Aggregate,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=melchers,DC=de Mo Mrz 01 2010 14:47:05 GMT+0100 805306368 Intertest CN=Internet-Standard,OU=Sicherheitsgruppen,DC=whatever,DC=de CN=Person,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=whatever,DC=de Di Sep 05 2006 10:45:48 GMT+0200 Di Feb 02 2010 09:05:47 GMT+0100 513 Mo Mrz 01 2010 14:46:56 GMT+0100 Di Feb 02 2010 09:05:07 GMT+0100 S-1-5-21-357852372-414345372-1916815836-8344

i am not sure why it is so hard to query users withhin an ou AND an securitygroup.


Helllo again,

the problem is that i want to which users are in the OU=EDP,OU=Bremen,DC=whatever,DC=de
which member are in the SecurityGroup


but still no results.

if i build it with powershell like this:

Get-QADUser -SearchRoot "OU=ITG,OU=Bremen,OU=whatever,DC=melchers,DC=de" | ?{ $_.MemberOf -Match "Internet-Standard" } | Export-CSV "whatever.csv"
which gives me a very good list (see attachment).

To seperate the OU i simple modify the search root to the OU, which i want to see.

but i am not able to get it running with AD Admin & Reporting Tool. This is a common query.
Please help me to construct it.



Hello all,

today i downloaded the AD Admin & Reporting Tool.

i tryed the export to excel the following "issue":
i need to list all members which matches the following criterias:

- Must be member of the OU"whatever"
must be member of the SecurityGroup "Test1"

the second thing i tryed with 0 returns was:
Must be member of the OU "whatever"
extensionattribute1 IS "SAP"

i tryed several things in the export assistent with no luck, always returned 0 rows.

what i set:
Excel filename: C:\Users\user1\Desktop\test1.xls
Search Base: DC=mydomain,DC=de
Filter: (&(memberOf=Internet-*)(distinguishedName=OU=Acus,OU=mycity,DC=mydomains,DC=de))
Returning Attributes:cn,distinguishedName,sAMAccountName

but, i never recieve a entry in my list.

could someone attach the correct searchstring for that (to simple import it)

would be fine.
i would like to buy this software but our head wants to see if we are able to get the results from it.

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